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Dragon Ball Z: Scientist Dissects What Would Happen if Piccolo Destroyed The Moon

The moon has been destroyed twice in Dragon Ball’s history, and a real-life scientist examines the repercussions.

The first time that the moon was destroyed in the Dragon Ball franchise was thanks to Master Roshi in the original series, attempting to stop Goku from going on a rampage in his Oozaru form. Following the resurrection of the moon thanks to the Dragon Balls, the orbiting sphere was once again destroyed thanks to Piccolo, looking to bring Gohan back to normal after he too became a rampaging ape like his father before him. In an interesting new conversation, the official Dragon Ball website has asked a real scientist what would happen if the moon was destroyed.

Dragon Ball Z - Square Wall Calendar
Dragon Ball Z – Square Wall Calendar

Osaka Universaity Graduate School Professor Kentaro Terada took the opportunity to chat with Dragon Ball’s official site, first examining how it would be quite difficult to destroy the moon, “I think it would be very difficult to destroy the Moon. Let me try to explain it using some research into the destruction of asteroids as an example. It is theorized that a long time ago, an asteroid that collided with the Earth caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. According to calculations, this happens about once every 100 million years. As it’s been about 66 million years since the last collision, it wouldn’t be surprising if another collision were to happen soon. If that happens again, we’d be in deep trouble.”

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Dragon Ball Z - Square Wall Calendar
Dragon Ball Z – Square Wall Calendar

Terada then took the chance to discuss how the Moon’s destruction would more than likely see various projectiles make their way to the Planet Earth, causing serious damage, “Another important point to consider is that if the Moon were to break apart into pieces, huge meteorites would fall onto Earth. That would be extremely dangerous. When the dinosaurs went extinct, it is thought that a 10 km long rock hit the Earth. Considering the Moon has a diameter of 3,400 km, it would be safe to assume that 10 km fragments are quite likely to form. If even one of those hit the Earth, it would probably cause the extinction of all mammals.”

The scientist then went on to dissect further implications of the moon being obliterated, “There would be no tides without the Moon, mudflats would disappear, and the entire ecosystem of the ocean would be seriously disrupted. Also, the climate would be totally messed up, too. The places where most humans currently live could become as cold as the North Pole, or as hot as around the Equator.”

Trends International  Dragon Ball Z Wall Calendar & Magnetic Frame
Trends International Dragon Ball Z Wall Calendar & Magnetic Frame

Via Dragon Ball’s Official Website

Trends International  Dragon Ball Z Wall Calendar
Trends International Dragon Ball Z Wall Calendar