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New Cat Advent Calendar at Target Is a Guaranteed Feline Hit

The holidays don’t mean it’s only fun for humans, but pet owners certainly like to include their four-legged friends in the festivities as well. This includes dressing them in holiday-themed onesies and giving them Christmas gifts.

Bitty Kitty  Calendar
Bitty Kitty Calendar

And a fun advent calendar can’t be missed either, as the owner of the four cats, Penguin, Pepper, Pia, and Pumpkin, shared in this video posted on November 13, which she found at Target, and it’s a must-have for every kitty! Let’s check it out!

How cute is this?

Free Printable  Cat Calendar – Super Cute - Cute Freebies For You
Free Printable Cat Calendar – Super Cute – Cute Freebies For You

Of course, every cat needs one.

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What the F-ck Kitty?  Wall Calendar - Calendars
What the F-ck Kitty? Wall Calendar – Calendars

This particular one is from Target, but Trader Joe’s also has a wide variety of advent calendars for dogs and cats that usually consist of yummy treats.

An advent calendar typically consists of 24 or 25 compartments, each hiding a surprise toy for your cat; however, this one only has 12.

Kawaii Cat Monthly Yearly Desktop Calendar
Kawaii Cat Monthly Yearly Desktop Calendar

As you can see, the compartments are numbered, allowing you to open one each day leading up to Christmas, or only until the 12th day of Christmas.

And since this cat lady has four cats, it only makes sense to open them all right away, so everyone has something to play with.

Cat advent calendars often include a variety of toys to keep your cat entertained. This can range from small plush toys and balls to feather wands and catnip-filled goodies.

Some calendars have interactive elements, such as toys that crinkle or jingle, encouraging your cat to play and explore.

This one includes balls with a bell inside, a toy with thick yarn hanging, squishy balls, a few toy mice, as well as a pillow-like toy that looks like it’s for catnip.

In case you didn’t know, catnip is a natural herb that can induce a temporary feeling of euphoria in some cats.

You better hurry to Target before it’s all sold out.

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