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Honkai: Star Rail Confirms Simulated Universe World 8 Boss Highlights Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 is set to feature new events, banner characters, and story progression, including the introduction of a boss battle with Yanqing. Players have previously faced Yanqing in boss battles and found him challenging due to his floating swords and high damage output. The upcoming World 8 of the Simulated Universe will introduce two new Planar Ornament sets that complement the Version 1.5 banner characters, providing new possibilities for character builds.

Honkai: Star Rail confirmed the boss that players will face in Simulated Universe World 8 is Yanqing.. It was revealed during the Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 Special Program stream, which gave a detailed rundown of the new events and banner characters.

Eight Pointed Stars – Tim
Eight Pointed Stars – Tim’s Printables

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 will be released on November 15. It will feature five-star banner characters Huohuo and Argenti, four-star Hanya, and a Silver Wolf re-run. The update is also expected to progress Honkai: Star Rail’s story further, starting with the ghost hunting mission at Xianzhou Luofu’s new area, the Fyxestroll Garden. Players are also expecting to visit the next world Penacony in Version 1.5.

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Star Template - Active Littles
Star Template – Active Littles

Another exciting addition coming to Version 1.5 will be World 8 of the Simulated Universe. The most recent Honkai: Star Rail Special Program stream revealed that the upcoming boss battle for World 8 will be Yanqing, the youngest lieutenant of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights. He is a playable five-star Ice character in Honkai: Star Rail, and is known as Jing Yuan’s protégé

In the past, players have faced Yanqing in boss battles in the main story and Kafka’s companion mission. Many pointed out how challenging he was because of his floating swords, which initially don’t reveal their weaknesses and can deal significant damage to units. Meanwhile, there were some who became concerned that Yanqing was the “most bullied” character because of how much he was getting beaten up by the likes of Jingliu and Imbibitor Lunae throughout the game.

Star Templates (Free PDF Printables)
Star Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Simulated Universe World 8 will also introduce two new Planar Ornament sets: Firmament Frontline: Glamoth and Penacony, Land of the Dreams. Based on their descriptions, they complement the Version 1.5 banner characters Huohuo and Argenti, who are support and DPS units, respectively. These Planar Ornaments could also shake up certain character builds. Here’s what players need to know about them:

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth: A DMG-boost set that also provides units with high SPD Penacony, Land of the Dreams: A support-focused set for team comps with same-type characters

Star Template - Active Littles
Star Template – Active Littles

Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe is considered a great game mode to farm Planar Ornaments, upgrade materials, and Stellar Jades. As the game continues to grow, it only makes sense for HoYoverse to continue adding more Worlds and Planar Ornaments to encourage players to complete weekly Simulated Universe stages. It will also help if the developer adds more Simulated Universe modes, like the Swarm Disaster and Planar Infinity, to keep it interesting and exciting.

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