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Google Calendar updates ‘Today’ button to show the actual date on Android

A small quality of life improvement to Google Calendar adds the current date to every screen of the Android app. 

Today’s Julian Date : Julian Calendar Converter – CalendarKart

Currently, the button that jumps you to today’s date in all views is just a calendar icon with a dot, which is themed dynamically and does stand out. It sits between search and the account switcher.

Google is now testing showing the actual live date in between the search icon and account switcher. It’s more or less Google Calendar’s Themed icon on Android 13+. On phones, it’s present in the Schedule, Day, 3 days, Week, and Month views. This change is not available for tablets, which just shows “Today” for the button.

Interpreting NJFC Can Codes for "Best-By" Dates - Neil Jones Food
Interpreting NJFC Can Codes for “Best-By” Dates – Neil Jones Food

This means you don’t have to swipe down for Quick Settings or go back to your homescreen to check the date when you don’t want to lose where you are in Calendar.

We’re seeing the date in Today rolled out with version 2023.36.1.x of Google Calendar for Android. If it’s not yet live on your device, Force stop from App info. 

Julian Calendar – Blank Calendar
Julian Calendar – Blank Calendar

Meanwhile, Calendar has yet to widely roll out the setting that lets you hide completed tasks.

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