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10 Best Vegan Advent Calendars 2023 UK

COUNTING down to Christmas with an advent calendar is always an exciting experience since they’re typically chocolate; we rounded up the best vegan advent calendars so everyone can join in.

Printable Wall Calendar/planner  Personal/business - Etsy
Printable Wall Calendar/planner Personal/business – Etsy

Vegan options for most items have had a history of being a little hard to come by, but nowadays, there’s a huge variety of products and calendars for those who avoid animal products.

Whether it be for a food fanatic, self pamper or an individual who just wants a lovely cup of tea, there’s a vegan option for everyone, and they make excellent presents for a friend, a family member or a personal treat before Christmas.

Vertical Wall Planner  - Rose Calendars
Vertical Wall Planner – Rose Calendars

Best Vegan Advent Calendars At A Glance H!P Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar


Year Calendar Planner UK Unmounted Office Year Calendar Large A A
Year Calendar Planner UK Unmounted Office Year Calendar Large A A

H!P Vegan Chocolate Advent CalendarCredit: H!p H!P Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar, £10 from H!P – buy here

The H!P vegan chocolate advent calendar was made to show shoppers that plant-based chocolate does not mean sacrificing deliciousness.

Year Planner Annual Calendar LARGE Wall Plan Office Year unmounted UK  A A
Year Planner Annual Calendar LARGE Wall Plan Office Year unmounted UK A A

Greeting you every day on the countdown to the festivity will be four signature dairy-free flavours: original oat m!lk chocolate, gingerbread, salted caramel and orange.

The original “oat m!lk” chocolate base is made with 41% ethically sourced single-origin Colombian chocolate. While the calendar itself is entirely plastic-free, environmentally friendly, and made with a significantly lower carbon footprint than dairy chocolate.

The dairy-free chocolate calendar already boasts 4.5 stars, with more than 30 reviews calling it “amazing” and the “best chocolate for vegans”.

No of Items: 24 Delivery: £3.50

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Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2023


Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2023Credit: WHSmith Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2023, £10 from WHSmith – buy here

Want to treat your tastebuds to the tingle of gourmet vegan sweets?

Candy Kittens, who are widely known for their big flavour honest ingredients sweets, have created their very own 25-day advent calendar, so you’re getting a little surprise even on Christmas day.

The sweets are 100% vegan and gluten-free, which can be a very hard find if you have a gluten intolerance but also avoid animal products.

While containing no animal-related produce is the main concern for a lot of vegans, the company is carbon-neutral and 100% plant-powered so the business is also concerned about the planet.

If you love surprises, you’ll love this advent calendar, as it only tells you 4 of the flavoured sweets hidden behind the doors. We won’t spoil that for you here, but if you do want a slightly better idea of what’s inside, Take a look at the WHSmith website to find out what’s inside.

No of Items: 25 Delivery: £3.99 within two to four working days

Hotel Chocolat 45% Nutmilk Chocolate Advent Calendar


45% Nutmilk Chocolate Advent CalendarCredit: Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat 45% Nutmilk Chocolate Advent Calendar, £13 from Hotel Chocolat – buy here

Advent calendars have a history of typically being chocolate-themed, and for too long, have vegans missed out on the usual theme of having a delicious chocolaty treat hidden behind a numbered door.

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to discovering what’s behind each door; the excitement remains the same. When it’s a little bit of Hotel Chocolat’s Nutmilk, your days are bound to feel just a tad more special.

Despite being milk-free, they promise that every bite is as staggeringly creamy as their milk chocolate range, so there is no compromise in taste or texture.

Counting down to Christmas with the unbelievable vegan calendar seems like a great call seeing as reviews leave high praise and one perfect five-star review called the calendar ‘the best Vegan chocolate I’ve had in a while’ also noting that the Nutmilk is ‘ is WAAAY more creamier’ than it usually is.

Dimensions: 25.30 x 17.90 x 3.30cm No of Items: 25Delivery: £3.95 standard delivery


Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar


Christmas Coffee Advent CalendarCredit: Amazon Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar, £22.99 from Amazon – buy here

Coffee lovers shouldn’t have to miss out on discovering a new treat every day during the Christmas countdown.

Just because its name is fairly basic doesn’t mean that the coffee is.

This luxury advent calendar contains 12 assorted flavours bound to tantalise your tastebuds. From Creme brulee and hazelnut all the way to peppermint and Columbian roasts, there’s a huge assortment of different beans to keep you going throughout the holiday period.

Since we know that December temperatures have already crashed, what could be better than waking up to a different coffee experience every day?

Make sure you have a cafetiere or coffee pot so you can brew the beans correctly.

This calendar is clearly popular with Amazon shoppers since it has an impressive 4.3-star rating on the retailer’s site, and the customers praise it for being ‘ great for coffee lovers’, and one’s husband loved it due to varying flavours.

Dimensions: 25.8 x 21.4 x 9.4cm No of Items: 24 Delivery: Free

Tea Advent Calendar


Tea Advent CalendarCredit: Bird and Blend Tea Advent Calendar, £38 from Bird and Blend – buy here

Bird & Blend Tea Co.’s renowned tea advent calendar, which is now available to order, offers a taste of luxury at an affordable price.

With 48 plastic-free tea bags, you get to sample a wide variety of teas that you can share with a loved one or keep all to yourself.

It can be enjoyed hot or cold, so it really is the perfect advent calendar to help a tea lover branch out and try something new for the holiday season.

With a whopping 209 reviews and an incredible rating of 4.7 stars, it’s no shock that it has customers raving about how it’s ‘amazing’ and that, despite not being a fan of different flavours in other forms, they ‘absolutely love as teas now’.

Dimensions: 25.8 x 21.4 x 9.4cm No of Items: 48 cups of tea Delivery: Free

25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar


25 Days of Beauty Advent CalendarCredit: Holland and barrett 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar, £45 from Holland and Barrett – buy here

Vegan beauty lovers have also been included in this year’s abundance of advent calendars, as Holland & Barrett has hand-picked 25 vegan-friendly gifts of skincare, haircare, and beauty essentials.

The clean and cruelty-free beauty calendar promises to deliver £179 worth of products but only retails for a fraction of the price at £45.

There will be 16 full-sized products counting you down to Christmas this December, featuring big-name brands like Weleda, Faith In Nature, Q&A and Dr Organic.

There are even some reviews already, claiming it’s the ‘best bundle ever’, with a ‘good price and decent mix of products’.

Shoppers eyeing this festive hamper will need to be quick to secure it, as the calendar usually sells out well before December.

Worth: £179 No of Items: 25 Delivery: Free

Lush Advent Calendar


Lush Advent CalendarCredit: Lush Lush Advent Calendar, £195 from Lush – buy here

Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves during the busiest holiday of the year?

Celebrate the full 25 days with a variety of bath, body, shower, and fragrance products specially selected to bring you joy and help you relax in the lead-up to the big day.

The box is also 100% recycled board, and with reusability in mind, it’s the perfect way to store any other lush products you purchase in the future.

No of Items: 25 Delivery: Free standard delivery

Vegan Bakes 12 Or 24 Day Advent Calendar


Vegan Bakes 12 Or 24 Day Advent CalendarCredit: Not on the high street Vegan Bakes 12 Or 24 Day Advent Calendar £36.95 from Not On The High Street – buy here

Switch it up and go bakery style and get your daily dose of festive cheer in the form of cute, delectable vegan bakes.

You can expect chunky brownies and soft cookies in every box. However, if you have a nut allergy, you’ll have to miss out, as each treat box includes nuts.

These vegan treats are renowned as they’re enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike – quite the accomplishment.

Each bake is also handmade from scratch in their very own 5-star kitchens, and the boxes are sent on two separate days to ensure you have the freshest experience.

Dimensions: N/A No of Items: 24 or 12 Delivery: Free

Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn Advent


Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn AdventCredit: Amazon Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn Advent, £27.99 from Amazon – buy here

If chocolate doesn’t tickle your fancy as a daily treat, why not try a popcorn advent calendar this year?

The flavours have also won the Great Taste Award-Winning Flavours in previous years – so this bundle is sure to make your festive countdown full of deliciousness.

Its tiny package sizes shouldn’t fool shoppers either, as reviewers praise it for having ‘more popcorn per pack than expected’ and ‘wonderful’ flavours.

The Popcorn Shed Gourmet Advent calendar is vegan and gluten-free, with six luxury flavours to discover over 24 days.

The popcorn is all-natural, GMO-free and made using UK-sourced ingredients. Leading up to Christmas, customers can indulge in Butterscotch, Cocoa Caramel, Cherry Pie, Christmas Pudding, Chocolate Orange and Gingerbread flavoured popcorn.

Dimensions: 43.4 x 29.7 x 4.7cm No of Items: 24 Delivery: Free



Nomo Advent CalendarCredit: Nomo Nomo Advent Calendar, £5 from Nomo – buy here

There won’t be any FOMO for vegans and dairy-intolerant shoppers this year, as the NOMO chocolate advent calendar is specifically made for vegans and dairy, egg, gluten, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers.

NOMO is the UK’s number one vegan and ‘free from’ chocolate brand, and it has created a calendar filled with 24 creamy dairy-free chocolates. Hidden behind the numbered door, there will be some best-selling Creamy Choc Drop-shaped pieces.

But it doesn’t end there, as the advent calendar is also exceptionally budget-friendly, coming in at just £5.

No of Items: 24 Delivery: £2.99 

12 Days of Christmas Lush Advent calendar


Lush 12 Days of ChristmasCredit: Lush 12 Days of Christmas, £80 from Lush – buy here

If you’re not after the full 25 days of luscious surprises, there are still ample bath and beauty care products.

If you want your advent calendar to be a surprise, read no further if you can’t wait to discover what is behind each door. You get to look forward to four festive bath bombs to help soothe and relax after frantic rushing around the shops.

Two yuletide bubble bars, two majorly merry lip products, one spirited shower gel, one sweet little soap, one soothing lotion, and a pot of shower jelly, so if you’re in the generous Christmas mood, you can share the love around.

Since Lush has always been against animal testing, all products are only tested on humans.

No of Items: 24 Delivery: £3.95

What is a Vegan advent calendar?

Put simply, it’s an advent calendar with Vegans in mind. They avoid products that include any form of animal products or any form of animal testing.

In the past, Vegans may have struggled to find many alternatives for advent calendars since Vegan choice used to be extremely limited, but as of more recently, they have a larger choice pool.

They’re the same as normal advent calendars, just filled with Vegan-friendly choices.

Where to buy vegan advent calendars?

Since shopping for anyone can be a large task, you may want to have a look around for the best vegan advent calendar that best suits yourself or your loved one.

To make that search just a little bit easier, here’s a short list to help get started.

How much do Vegan advent calendars cost?

Since there is no one-size-fits-all for Vegan advent calendars, and they can contain a huge variety of items in the same way your typical advent calendar can, the prices can vary greatly as well.

From the advent calendars, we found they can start as cheap as just £5 for a chocolate advent calendar, but they can shoot all the way up to £190 for the more premium health and beauty-themed calendars.

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