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Here is a list of Mississippi churches disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church

In yet another round of disaffiliations within Mississippi’s United Methodist Churches, many congregations are splitting to make known where they stand on church doctrine.

Inola United Methodist Church - You might notice that throughout
Inola United Methodist Church – You might notice that throughout

Meanwhile, others are standing pat.

In recent weeks, St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Madison voted not to split as did West Point and Starkville. However, in the same timeframe, Merigold, Ellisville and Brandon United Methodist Churches made the decision to switch to the Global Methodist Church.

Liturgical Color Calendar  by United Methodist Publishing
Liturgical Color Calendar by United Methodist Publishing

Bonnie Chapel UMC of Vancleave is opting to stay a part of UMC.

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Why are there different colored altar cloths?
Why are there different colored altar cloths?

This church isn’t following the herd: This Methodist church has voted not to follow the herd in leaving UMC

This is just the latest in the schism of the church. Around 22% of all Mississippi’s United Methodist Churches left the fold in June when 189 congregations had their disaffiliation votes ratified at the 2023 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference in Tupelo. The process has been described by some as the largest denominational schism in the last 50 years.

UMC Liturgical Colors / Parament Colors - Main Street UMC
UMC Liturgical Colors / Parament Colors – Main Street UMC

In this round of voting, Mississippi churches have until the end of October to have a church vote. From there, the Mississippi Annual Conference will have a special called session on Dec. 9 at Anderson United Methodist Church in Jackson to ratify the votes. All special church conferences will be completed no later than Oct. 25.

The issues for the United Methodist Church, in general, center around, but are not limited to, a difference in opinion about whether someone who identifies as LGBTQ should be ordained in churches. Other denominations, including the Episcopal church, have faced similar challenges in recent years. Amid issues surrounding human sexuality, hundreds of Episcopal churches splintered off nationally to move to the new, more conservative Anglican Church in North America, though no Mississippi parishes left the Episcopal fold.

In a Facebook post, St. Matthew’s pastor Andy Stoddard suggested now is a time for healing.

“I was talking to someone, and we agreed there were no winners in any of this,” Stoddard said of the vote that kept the Madison church in the UMC fold. “It was a hard season, as hard a season as I, as a pastor, and we, as a church, could have gone through. But now, we work together to heal. There is much hurt in our church and in our world. There are folks today who I deeply love, who are hurting. All of us have those we love on all sides of this issue. We should honor that hurt, honor that pain, and be gentle with each other in all things.”

In West Point, pastor Darian Duckworth said she hopes her church can move forward after a vote to disaffiliate failed to receive the 67% threshold with only 55% voting to leave the UMC.

“It was a rough day, but we got through it,” Duckworth said of the Oct. 1 decision. “I am grateful for the outcome. This has been a very difficult season for Methodists of all theological leanings. Where we are now, it is a time for healing and finding an identity as a congregation. The reality is this process changes churches.”

Duckworth said she has thought a lot about the June Annual Conference in Tupelo when Bishop Sharma Lewis talked about the importance of blessing one another, “to go and be what God has called us to be.”

“This has been emotionally heavy,” Duckworth said. “But I believe God is leading us into some healing now.”

In some churches where the vote was to stay with the UMC, there have already been splits as opposing congregants have rented out spaces for church services away from their former congregations.

United Methodist churches disaffiliating

Here is a list of all 189 churches within the Mississippi United Methodist conference, which were ratified for disaffiliation from the conference in June. Included is the church, votes to ask for disaffiliation, and the percentage.

Brookhaven District

Rehobeth, 13-0 — 100%

Beauregard, 42-0 — 100%

Mallalieu, 6-0 — 100%

Chapel of the Cross, 15-1 — 93.75%

Ebenezer, 20-0 — 100%

Community UMC, 6-0 — 100%

Gloster, 6-0 — 100.00%

Kokomo, 7-0 — 100%

Whittington Memorial, 7-0 — 100%

Meadville, 23-0 — 100%

Grace Natchez, 44-3 — 93.62%

Natchez Jefferson Street, 140-26 — 84.34%

New Hebron, 26-0 — 100%

New Hope, 50-5 — 90.91%

Greendale, 8-0 — 100%

Sartinville, 16-0 — 100%

Tilton, 36-0 — 100%

Tylertown, 35-8 — 81.40%

Woodville, 24-1 — 96%

East Jackson District

Gasque, 19-0 — 100%

Fannin, 40-0 — 100%

Freeny, 29-3 — 90.63%

Madison UMC, 605-57 — 91.39%

Magee, 60-2 — 96.77%

Pelahatachie, 22-0 — 100%

Puckett, 52-0 — 100%

Ridgeland First, 36-2 — 94.74%

Mize, 7-0 — 100%

Greenwood District

Avon UMC, 33-0 — 100%

Glen Allen, 39-1 — 97.50%

Benoit, 12-0 — 100%

Greenwood St John’s, 130-23 — 84.97%

Hollandale, 21-0 — 100%

Indianola: Christ, 19-0 — 100%

Indianola FUMC, 157-8 — 95.15%

Inverness, 78-1 — 98.73%

New Hope, (Winona) 30-1 — 96.77%

Silver City, 13-0 — 100%

Hattiesburg District

Collins, 43-3 — 93.48%

Good Hope, 4-0 — 100%

Mount Olive, 15-3 — 83.33%

Oak Grove Hatt, 131-58 — 69.31%

Petal Asbury, 60-9 — 86.96%

Philadelphia Jasper Co., 23-0 — 100%

Prentiss, 22-0 — 100%

Santee, 8-0 — 100.00%

Sumrall, 72-1 — 98.63%

Boyles Chapel, 7-0 — 100%

Waynesboro, 67-1 — 98.53%

Williamsburg, 28-0 — 100%

Lone Star, 22-2 — 91.67%

Winchester, 8-0 — 100%

Meridian District

Chunky, 15-0 — 100%

Big Oak, 25-2 — 92.59%

Coker Chapel, 57-2 — 96.61%

Collinsville, 44-0 — 100%

Pleasant Ridge, 16-0 — 100%

Concord, 17-0 — 100%

Cooks Chapel, 24-0 — 100%

Coopers Chapel, 40-0 — 100%

New Hope Dekalb, 21-0 — 100%

Pleasant Ridge, 5-0 — 100%

Spring Hill, 3-0 — 100%

Enterprise, 19-0 — 100%

North Bend Philadelphia, 16-0 — 100%

Hope-Philadelphia, 17-0 — 100%

Philadelphia First, 150-15 — 90.91%

Southside, 27-0 — 100%

Pleasant Grove, 14-0 — 100%

Sandtown, 126-1 — 99.21%

New Albany District

Baldwyn, 26-1 — 96.30%

Asbury, 25-0 — 100%

Belmont, 41-9 — 82.00%

Christ Boonville, 48-0 — 100%

Lebanon, 4-0 — 100%

Booneville First, 106-18 — 85.48%

Carolina, 32-0 — 100%

Pisgah, 20-0 − 100%

Corinth First, 107-9 — 92.24%

Gaines Chapel, 59-1 — 98.33%

Old Bethel, 20-3 — 86.96%

Ingomar, 26-2 — 92.86%

Campground UMC, 13-0 — 100%

Rocky Springs, 7-0 — 100%

Snowdown, 11-0 — 100%

Spring Hill, 40-6 — 86.96%

Kossuth, 42-3 — 93.33%

Pleasant Hill, 12-0 — 100%

Liberty, 29-0 — 100%

Thrasher, 5-0 — 100%

Dumas, 24-0 — 100%

New Harmony, 16-0 — 100%

Paynes Chapel, 27-0 — 100%

New Albany Calvary, 29-4 — 87.88%

Mt Olivet, 10-0 — 100%

New Albany First, 317-76 — 80.66%

Christ, 6-0 — 100%

Cambridge, 5-0 — 100%

Pine Flat, 10-0 — 100%

Abbeville, 7-0 — 100%

Bethel Rienzi, 11-0 — 100%

Adkins Chapel, 24-0 — 100%

Ripley, 93-42 — 68.89%

Blue Mountain, 12-0 — 100%

Union Hill, 35-7 — 83.33%

Paradice, 10-0 — 100%

Global Methodist Churches

Here is a list of churches in Mississippi that have left the Mississippi United Methodist Church to become part of the Global Methodist Church as of Aug. 6.

Abbeville Methodist Church

Amory First Methodist Church

Antioch Church (Laurel)

Avon Methodist Church

Batesville First Methodist Church

Belmont Methodist Church

Benoit Methodist Church

Big Point Methodist (Moss Point)

Buena Vista Methodist Church (Jackson)

Cambridge Methodist Church (Abbeville)

Carolina Methodist Church (Nettleton)

Cedar Bluff Methodist Church

Cedar Lake Church (Biloxi)

Christ Methodist Church (Indianola)

Christ Methodist Church (Oxford)

Clarksdale Methodist Church

Collins Methodist Church

Columbus First Methodist Church

Como Methodist Church

Concord Methodist Church

Corinth First Methodist Church

Diamondhead Methodist Church

Ecru Methodist Church

Ellison Methodist Church

Enterprise Methodist Church

Fannin Methodist Church (Brandon)

First Methodist Church Holly Springs

First Methodist Church Lucedale

First Methodist Church Nettleton

First Methodist Church of Eudora

First Methodist Church of New Albany

First Methodist Church of Yazoo City

Gaines Chapel Methodist Church (Corinth)

Glen Allan Methodist Church

Good Hope Methodist Church (Vaiden)

Grace Methodist Church (Natchez)

Grandview Methodist Church (Hattiesburg)

Hernando Methodist Church

Hollandale First Methodist Church

Houston First Methodist Church

Hurley Methodist Church

Indianola First Methodist Church

Inverness Church

Jefferson Street Methodist Church (Natchez)

Kossuth Methodist Church

Lebanon Methodist Church (Baldwyn)

Lone Star Methodist Church (Collins)

Madison Methodist Church

Mallalieu Methodist Church (Brookhaven)

McCondy Methodist Church (Trebloc)

Meadville Methodist Church

Mount Olivet Methodist Church

Mt. Olive Methodist Church

New Hebron Methodist Church

New Life Methodist Church (Bay St.Louis)

North Main Methodist Church (Water Valley)

Oak Grove Church Mississippi

First Global Methodist Church (Olive Branch)

Philadelphia First Methodist Church

Philadelphia Methodist Church (Heidelberg)

Pine Flat Methodist Church

Pine Grove Methodist Church

Piney Grove Methodist Church

Plantersville Methodist Church

Pleasant Grove Church

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church (Corinth)

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church (Lucedale)

Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church

Poplar Head Methodist Church (Saucier)

Puckett Methodist Church

Red Hill Methodist Church (Vancleave)

Saltillo First Methodist Church

Sardis Methodist Church

Senatobia First Methodist Church

Shiloh Methodist Church (Nettleton)

Siloam Methodist Church (West Point)

Smithville Methodist Church

Southside Methodist Church (Philadelphia)

St John’s Methodist Church (Greenwood)

St. Andrews Global Methodist Church (Amory)

Sumrall Methodist Church

Terza Methodist Church (Batesville)

Thaxton Methodist Church

Tranquil Methodist Church (Aberdeen)

Trinity Methodist Church (Gulfport)

Water Valley First Methodist Church

Waterford Methodist Church

Wesley Chapel Methodist Church (Hickory)

Williamsburg Methodist Church (Collins)

Woodville Methodist Church

If you have more information on disaffiliation, the Global Methodist Church or the United Methodist Church in Mississippi, Ross Reily can be reached by email at [email protected] or at 601-573-2952. You can follow him on Twitter @GreenOkra1.

This article originally appeared on Mississippi Clarion Ledger: List of Mississippi churches splitting from United Methodist Church