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I’m a fashion expert & there are five colour combinations you should avoid – red and yellow together screams McDonald’s

SOME colour combinations just work better than others, that’s why you should think twice before throwing on your favourite items in the morning.

Lent Purple Chasuble Vestments - Etsy Finland
Lent Purple Chasuble Vestments – Etsy Finland

There’s a good chance they could look awful, according to fashion whizz Gemma from What to Wear.



Gemma shared the five colour combinations to avoid on YouTubeCredit: TikTok/What to Wear – Classic fashion for women


The Colors That Priests Wear Through the Year - Synonym
The Colors That Priests Wear Through the Year – Synonym

Some colours work well if you love standing out, but are awful if you like a subtle lookCredit: Getty

Although wearing colours can brighten up an otherwise boring outfit, if you put the wrong shades together it can look cheap, jarring and costumey.

Attire of a Cardinal - Catholic Standard - Multimedia Catholic News
Attire of a Cardinal – Catholic Standard – Multimedia Catholic News

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them together – you just have to know how to do it right.

Green and red

The problem with green and red is that you can easily end up looking like a Christmas elf if you’re not careful, Gemma said.

Although the colours look stunning separately when paired together they might seem cartoonish and cheesy, especially if they’re both bright shades.

You can still make the colours work together though, just stick to one main shade and accessorise with the other, Gemma suggested a red dress with a green bag rather than a red top and green trousers.

“The other way to make this combination work is to wear different shades of the two colours,” she said.

For example, a khaki green paired with red won’t look as Christmassy as a bright green.

Purple and yellow

Although these two colours are actually very complimentary, when it comes to clothes that can be a bit over the top when paired together.

“If you put them together in a flower arrangement they’re gonna look quite beautiful, but if you put them together as an outfit they can look quite exuberant and bold,” Gemma explained.

The key to pull off the combo is to go for more muted shades if you want to wear them but in a more subtle way.

Think mustard yellow instead of buttercup yellow, the fashion guru said.

Pink and green

Wearing pink and green together can be a “tricky one to pull off,” Gemma said.

It might look stunning in pictures on Instagram but in real life it can be pretty jarring to look at as an outfit.

Avoid these this combination when it comes to bright shades and colour blocking, and instead stick to a muted and subtle print.

A dark green dress with pink florals can look stunning, for example.

Red and yellow

Unless you want to look like you’re about to clock in for your shift in McDonalds, it might be best to avoid putting red and yellow together.

They’re great on their own, but when people pair the two you can’t help but think of salty fries and a Big Mac.

“It’s unfortunate because the colour combination isn’t bad, it just makes you think of Ronald McDonald or Winnie the Pooh,” Gemma said.

She suggested paring a bright pink with red for an equally as bold look instead.

Orange and green

Lovers of bright colours and standing out might love wearing orange and green together, but for most people it’s hard to get right.

The fashion pro explained people tend to avoid orange clothes because they’re so eye catching, but there is a way to pull it off without looking like a neon highlighter.

“You could try orange white and black, or just orange and white , which looks so vibrant and fresh together,” she said.

Orange a camel can also look very sophisticated together, as can orange and blue, Gemma added.


Red and green are too Christmassy to be worn together most of the timeCredit: TikTok/What to Wear – Classic fashion for women

If you want to wear a pop of colour, or have a go at dopamine dressing, consider a fully monochrome look.

This doesn’t mean wearing head-to-toe black and white, but in fact, wearing an outfit where all elements have different shades of the same colour.

Kate, Princess of Wales, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are pros when it comes to wearing one colour.

Fashion experts recommend using two or three different shades of the same colour with different levels of saturation and brightness in one outfit.

If you add more contrast between the shades, your outfit will become brighter and more dressed up.

If the contrast between shades is barely noticeable, that whole look will appear softer and calmer.

In general, most colours match well in a monochrome look, but there are some exceptions. For example, some shades of green are not so easy to mix.