Year Of The Witch 2023 Wall Calendar

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Best Magnetic Calendar for Proper Planning

Looking for something that will help you remember all the important dates, events, meetings, and other activities daily? A calendar is one of the things from the list that lets you stay organized and enable you to track all of your essential activities. You can get them in various forms attached to a metal surface due to the magnets, hung on a wall, or placed on your desk.

Year Of The Witch - Square Wall Calendar
Year Of The Witch – Square Wall Calendar

They are more convenient and instantly attach to any metal surface like on the cabinets or fridge in your house or office to schedule tasks appropriately. They are available in three forms: magnetic, non-magnetic, and wall-mounted in terms of construction. Our discussion in this blog will be around the magnetic type.

To buy the best magnetic calendar for your regular use, below buyer’s guide will tell you all the essential points to know for the right purchase:

Year Of The Witch - Square Wall Calendar
Year Of The Witch – Square Wall Calendar

What is the purpose of the magnetic calendar?

Magnetic calendar! It is a calendar that makes you stay organized and plan the upcoming activities or events properly. The only difference that makes it a better option is that it has magnets attached at the back, making it easy to fix on any metal surface.


You can conveniently attach it to your stainless-steel refrigerator or any other surface made of metal. The magnetics used in the construction are of good quality and are strong enough to provide better durability. You should pick the magnetic calendars with thick magnets to be more stable and not let the calendar fall.

Moreover, you can buy the magnetic calendar in monthly, weekly, or daily preview as per your need. Some manufacturers also offer a deal that provides your monthly and weekly planner in the form of a notepad to write down other vital details like groceries items or other things in one bundle. The cost will be more, but it will offer a good value.


Some calendars are also specially designed for kids to teach them the significance of planning. You can buy these, stick them on any metal surface in your kid’s room, and let them know all the important dates and events relevant to their life and school.

What features to note when buying magnetic calendars?

When you have decided on purchasing the magnetic calendar for your use, you have to keep the following features in your mind:

PET surface

PET is known as polyethylene terephthalate. It is lightweight, clear plastic used to pack beverages, foods, and other applications. Once you buy a good quality magnetic or a whiteboard calendar, you will see a PET surface under the feature section on the packaging.

The PET surface in the calendar makes cleaning easy without leaving any stains or marks even after frequent use. Moreover, you can even clean with a wipe as well. So, you should always buy a magnetic or whiteboard calendar with this feature for convenient cleaning and use it for a long time.

Strong magnets

During purchasing, be aware of the strength of the magnets. The strength of the magnet can be determined by its thickness. Most manufacturers write about the thickness of magnets they use in their calendars. This information is essential and lets you make a better decision.

As the calendar will attach to a metal surface due to the magnets, they need to be strong enough to carry the entire weight of the calendar and have to be stable to prevent falling.

What things to consider when buying magnetic calendars?

Now, let’s view the things to consider when you are buying the magnetic calendars:


The size of the calendar and the availability of space are important considerations. You have to be aware of the space you have in your office, house, or room when you want to place your magnetic calendar. For instance, if you are going to put it on your fridge, you have to measure the surface correctly and then purchase the calendar accordingly.

You can get the calendars in different dimensions. If you end up buying a large calendar, it will move out of the boundary of your fridge or any surface you are going to attach. Moreover, if you buy a small size, you cannot see the important dates or look at your added information.


When buying a magnetic calendar or anything else, purchase it from a reliable brand. Firstly, you can do an online search about the brand and see their review to know people’s opinions for a better decision.

Once you are sure, you can buy what you want from a particular brand. You can check online retail stores like Amazon, eBay, and more or check out their social media pages to read the reviews.

Fine point markers

It would help if you had good-quality fine point markers for smooth writing to write on your calendar. Some manufacturers also provide a fine tip marker with the calendar.

The tip is 1 to 2mm, which makes the writing sharp and convenient on the surface of the calendar. You can get them in different colors. Remember that they should be non-toxic and should not have any odor as your child can use them.

What’s the price for magnetic calendars?

The price for a magnetic calendar lies between $13 to $37. The difference in the cost is due to the size, brand, or other things you may get from some manufacturers. The large magnetic calendar will cost you extra compared to the small magnetic calendar.

In addition, some manufacturer also sells additional magnetic notepad for writing grocery items, erasers, and fine tip markers in different colors for writing. The price tag for such a bundle will be more than the standard magnetic calendar, but they provide better value for your money.